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A brand identity and type design studio out of Southern California

“Everything was thoughtfully executed and we could not have asked for a better partner”

- Rob Bredow, SVP, Chief Creative Office
Testim Nettie

“Hoodzpah elevated my ideas at every step of the way. My business would not be where it is today without them. One million stars.”

- Catherine Baxter, Owner

“Hoodzpah was a true partner. They balanced offering their expertise with listening to our needs throughout the process.”

- Courtney Drake, Director of Design
Testim RedBull

“A joy to work with, and always impress with their informed approach and creative solutions.”

- Tom Cartmale, Sr. Director
Testim SeatGeek

“You were an incredible partner... We couldn’t be more thrilled...”

- Tim McCarthy, Executive Creative Director

“For almost a decade, Hoodzpah has been our secret sauce at Nicoletto's. Without their creative mojo, we'd probably be lost in a bland sea.”

- Danny Nicoletto, Owner
Hoodzpah team photo by Patrick Yandoc Featuring: Amy Hood, Jen Hood, Bea Morgan, Arturo Jimenez

Our goal: to give you a collaborative, thoughtful, and enjoyable experience

When you work with us, you get big-agency-level quality, but with the refreshing flexibility, close collaboration, and independent thinking of a studio.

Small studio approach. Big agency results.

For over a decade, across hundreds of brand identity projects for clients large and small, we’ve made a name for creating personality-rich branding that leaves a mark. Our work is consistently featured on Brand New, and we’ve spoken and taught about brand identity at over 25 conferences, including Adobe Max, HOW, Dribbble Hangtime, Creative South, and Adidas’s in-house creative conference.

We bring our experience and insights to each project.

At Hoodzpah, understanding leads creative. First we listen and learn about you, your audience, and your world. Those findings help align us all around a clear vision and goal for your project. From the big idea, to initial creative concepts, and fine-tuning of last details, we’re here to help you shine on in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Creative that reflects your story and resonates with your audience.

The Team

Jennifer Hood

Co-Founder / Principal

Jennifer is a mildly tortured artist. Besides branding, type design, and business as usual, she’s fond of falling under the spell of a television, thinking up lines for a script she’ll never write, watching people repair dilapidated European chateaus on Youtube, and pretending to make music in Logic Pro under the moniker Bad Trifle. She’s the co-author of Freelance, and Business, and Stuff with her sister, Amy; and a former teacher of Professional Practices at Laguna College of Art and Design.

Amy Hood

Co-Founder / Principal

Amy Hood is a brand identity designer whose work centers around custom lettering solutions. When she’s not stress-watching Laker games, Amy can be found at the beach plein-air doodling and practicing her Smashball back hand. She co-authored the book “Freelance, and Business, and Stuff: A Guide for Creatives” (and it’s related online course) with her sister Jennifer based on the Professional Practices class they taught at Laguna College of Art & Design. She is the font designer behind Palm Canyon Drive, Beale, Redondo Ave, Beverly Drive, and more. No one has ever accused Amy of being a minimalist.

Arturo Jimenez

Senior Graphic Designer

Arturo is essential to the Hoodzpah crew. He is a regular lifeline for most of our legacy clients, executing layout design, illustration, packaging design, and even motion work without breaking a sweat or shedding a single tear. When he’s not photosynthesizing from the warm glow of his computer screen, you can catch him making beats, digging for obscure records at any given swap meet, or eating more Flame Broiler than any self-respecting person should be eating. Talk to him about The Simpsons or expose him to new (good) music and you’ll be buds 4 life. Gamer Tag: hearturo.

Bea Morgan

Designer and Assistant to the Regional Manager

Bea is Hoodzpah’s resident wizard. She somehow manages to keep emails sorted, books shipped, and customers happy in between also sharing in design duties for Hoodzpah clients. She is a vintage enthusiast, a knife and sword collector, a meme wielder, and an unapologetic Trekkie (Team Spock).

A peek behind the curtain at

Rumors, inspiration, frivolity and works in progress.

We’re always rooting on the Lake Show. Love hurts.


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In the works: the new edition of our book Freelance, and Business, and Stuff

Bea heals warriors through the power of dance on Elder Scrolls

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