Freelance, and Business, and Stuff – Paperback


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✨ Over 9,000 copies sold! ✨ How to start your own business, grow your client base, and promote yourself without selling out or starving. This no faff, no fluff guide is peppered with applicable advice (things we learned from starting our own business), unasked-for humor, and worksheets (homework, gasp!) to help you just get started already. Because raw talent and good ideas aren’t enough. And because you can do this. Really.

Freelance, and Business, and Stuff – Paperback

88 in stock


“So helpful, well written, and more than I got out of school.”

– Anna McNaughty

Freelance, and Business, and Stuff is a book for any creative looking for more control in their career.

Whether you’re taking on your own clients for the first time, or looking to level up your studio after years in a rut: we wrote this book to give creatives easy-to-act on principles that will truly make a difference.

“This book is literally the best thing I’ve bought this year I can’t recommend enough!”

– Sarah Jamieson

Running a successful business that doesn’t stress you out or burn you out is an art all its own. Once we learned some simple principles from our own mentors and peers, our own studio took off in ways we never could have imagined.

We went from making ends meet, to making six figure salaries. We went from just working at “friends rates” to working with dream clients like 20th Century Fox and the Los Angeles Lakers. We’re sharing with you what others have generously shared with us about starting and running a successful creative studio.


You’ll learn to

  • Make a budget
  • Calculate your hourly rate
  • Flat rate quote (value-based pricing)
  • Communicate value
  • Create a proposal
  • Brand your business
  • File necessary paperwork (USA)
  • Assemble needed team/allies
  • Make contracts
  • Promote yourself
  • Grow your audience
  • Get work
  • Communicate with clients
  • Present work
  • Fine-tune workflow
  • Setup and track financials
  • And much more!


Amy and Jennifer Hood are twin sisters and the Co-Founders / Principals behind Hoodzpah, a brand identity and type design studio based out of Southern California. Since they started Hoodzpah in 2011, they’ve branded hundreds of businesses and worked on projects with companies like Airbnb, 20th Century Fox, Beyond Meat, Red Bull, and Target.

While they cannot read each others’ minds, they can text each other while working in the same room, which is almost the same.

They taught Professional Practices at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) where this book is currently being used as curriculum. They are also among the founding team of Connecting Things, a creative meetup in Orange County, CA.

They’ve spoken about the business of creative and the creative of business at conferences around the world, from Brand New, to Creative South and Dribbble’s HangTime LA and NY.

Disclaimer: they are not as docile as they appear in this photo.

Photo by Patrick Yandoc.


Chapter 1
Do You Have What it Takes?

Chapter 2
Get by With a Little Help

Chapter 3
Making a Budget

Chapter 4
Pricing and Proposals

Chapter 5
Creating a Business Plan

Chapter 6
Branding Your Business

Chapter 7
Making It Official

Chapter 8
Growing Audience, Promoting Yourself, and Getting Work

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
Workflow Mojo

Chapter 11
Communication & Collaboration

Chapter 12
Taxes, Accounting, and Measuring Financial Health

Chapter 13
Staying Competitive and Adaptive

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What customers are saying


"Using this book as a guide recently helped me land my biggest client project *ever*...literally more than quadrupling my monthly income."

- Morgan C.

Verified Buyer


"Everything I Knew I Needed (and more!!)"

"This book is hands down the most helpful resource I’ve found as a creative!"

- Addison K.

Verified Buyer


"The book you NEED"

"This book is stuffed with brilliance on business and creative elements you don't normally see shared with the masses."

- Gordon C.

Verified Buyer

Freelance and Business and Stuff photoshoot bedroom scene by Scott Snyder

A start-to-finish roadmap to freelancing that wont bore you to tears

You truly don’t have to be a business genius to start your own company, and you don’t need thousands of dollars. Heck, you don’t even need a college degree. Best of all, you definitely don’t need permission. You just need to learn some simple business practices that thousands and thousands of other people just like you have learned. There are no million dollar secrets or get rich quick schemes here, just tried and true methods that you can easily learn and adopt. This book gives you the 101 you need, without boring you to tears.

“This was such a good purchase! I’ve read tons of business and freelance books and this one was one of the most practical.”

– Elle M.

Make a smart step into freelance by going in with eyes open and the key bases covered

As a creative, working for yourself can seem like the ultimate dream scenario. It’s true that freelancing can tailor your career to your unique skills, goals, schedule and work habits. But being your own boss also means taking on roles, responsibilities and risks that you didn’t have when you worked for someone else. This book will help you create a plan of attack and set up necessary procedures.

“I feel like I just got Waze for my business! Thank you Hoodzpah!”

– Alvaro V.

“This book!!! It’s basically the fountain of all freelance business knowledge! Amazing for those of you just starting out or even people who have been freelancing for what seems like a lifetime like me! It’s stunning, hilarious and packed with the best advice!”

Laura Bee

“Halfway through and it’s something I wish I had 5 years ago…pure gold.”

– Scotty Russell, Perspective Collective

“I’m going to be honest. I don’t read books…except for #FABAS you NEED to read this if you are freelancer in any sense of the word. This book is the mentor I’ve always needed but haven’t found.”

Pari Studio

Freelance and Business and Stuff soft cover books laid in a grid with pages open

For all creatives
Business is business. While we’re brand designers, the advice you’ll learn in this book is generally applicable to any kind of creative.

Plus, free posters!
Each chapter opener features a poster we designed, which you can razor out and hang on your walls (or use as fire kindling).

Freelance and Business and Stuff photoshoot by Scott Snyder
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