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Proof Deck Template for Creatives

This is the proof deck template we’ve been using and perfecting for 6+ years at Hoodzpah for presenting creative work.

While the example content is geared toward presenting logos, it can be used to present any kind of creative work.

Available in 3 aesthetic styles:

Hoodzpah Decks Easy to edit

Easy to edit fonts and colors

Hoodzpah Decks Dummy copy

Real example content to help you when writing for your own client

Hoodzpah Decks pro tips

Extra pro tips and advice on how to use

Hoodzpah Proof Deck Template 20220822 deck highlights stockholm

A great proof deck will remind the client of the goals and parameters for success, present the solution, and contextualize why the solution meets the agreed-on goal. 

Taking creative work from subjective to objective.

It’s important that you make the case for your work and show that you’ve stress-tested it. This proof deck template helps you frame your work in the context of the client’s goals in a well-paced, and aesthetically pleasing presentation. The bigger the project, the more that goes into proving your answer works for the client, and this deck has helped us do just that at Hoodzpah. 

noise gradients Hoodzpah decks 2


Adobe InDesign & Figma files
Type styles for easy global font editing
Pre-written copy to help you get started
Links to free font & image resources
21 Gradient Images (clean and noise)
Tons of alternate cover options
“How To” PDF and video
Pro tips from us on how to get the most out of the deck

Easy to use and update to match your branding.

We’ve styled these decks with FREE Google Fonts so that all you have to do is replace your logo and they’re ready to use! Want to use your own brand fonts? It’s as easy as updating a couple of paragraph styles.

Note: Basic understanding of InDesign and/or Figma recommended to use these templates.
Hoodzpah Proof Deck Product Page tips and tricks

Browse More of the Deck Templates

the Proposal Deck, Discovery Deck, and Proof Deck covers floating off a macbook pro screen

Pro Deck Bundle

Buy all 3 and save!
$119 95.20



  • InDesign and Keynote formats. (Plus IDML and PPTX files)
  • Keynote can easily be uploaded to Google Slides to use
  • 2 Design themes included
  • 16:9 layouts.
  • Easily update styles. Fully customizable.
  • 18 Pages per style.
  • Uses free fonts from Google Fonts.
  • A detailed how-to guide is included, with tips for pricing.

Plus: We’ve also included a guide to your first call with a client before you make the proposal. This step is KEY to getting the information you need to make a proposal that wins them over.

“I love it. I’ve had a 100% conversion rate since I started using [the proposal] in December, and most clients are going towards the upper tiered scope.”

– Shane Kingery, Kingery Design

2 styles / themes


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