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Godmothered Disney Title Treatments Hoodzpah featured

Disney Godmothered Title Treatment

We are so excited to share our title treatment explorations for the Disney+ holiday movie, Godmothered, a comedy about a Godmother in training who’s trying to help a single mother in Boston find her happy ending. The process of working on title treatments with Disney was a collaborative experience. Much like their concept artists who work on many approaches to a character before choosing a final, Disney brought in various designers to concept movie title logos. We were one of the teams working on potential solutions. Our direction was to create custom lettered movie logos that alluded to the playful, modern take on a fairy tale story.


— Custom Lettering
— Title Treatment Exploration


Kari Miller,
Director of Creative Advertising, Walt Disney Motion Pictures Studios
Jess Linares Flores,
Creative Marketing: Animation & Disney+
Michaela Mucha,
Creative Print Marketing, Walt Disney Studios

Godmothered Disney Title Treatments by Hoodzpah on movie still

The Kickoff

For this project we got to work under the direction of Kari Miller, Jess Linares Flores, and Michaela Mucha. The process of making a movie takes so much time and requires so many moving parts. So we were creating title treatments while Godmothered was still filming. We met with Disney, and they gave us an overview of the storyline, showing us movie and set stills to help us understand the film’s aesthetic and mood.  Then the creative reigns were handed to create title treatment options that capture a sense of the movie in a whimsical way.

Godmothered Disney Title Treatment explorations by Hoodzpah
Godmothered Disney Title Treatment explorations by Hoodzpah, white on black


We got to work sketching rough ideas in notebooks and picking our internal favorites to clean up as vector art. We presented a variety of custom type title treatments, from scripts, serif options, and sans serif options. Each incorporated some nod to the storyline. These initial ideas are usually the most complex and out of the box. Kari, Jess, and Michaela then take the favorites of these concepts and present to stakeholders and creative leadership at Disney. Some ideas fall on the cutting room floor, but the strongest concepts come back to us with notes and edits for more iterations. Our revised concepts go back for review, and the process is repeated.

Godmothered Disney Title Treatment by Hoodzpah featuring a midcentury modern script
Godmothered Disney Title Treatment by Hoodzpah featuring storybook style lettering
Godmothered Disney Title Treatment by Hoodzpah featuring 3d lettering
Godmothered Disney Title Treatment Lettering by Hoodzpah
Godmothered Disney Title Treatment by Hoodzpah featuring hand drawn lettering

Movie Themes Explored:

Imperfection: some of the concepts were roughly hand drawn, or featured letters that were askew. After all, this fairy godmother is still in training, and is a bit a work-in-progress herself.

A fairytale in a modern age: some of our concepts featured emoji or other lettering reminiscent of social media stickers, to allude to a contemporary setting.

Story elements: Magic wands, a watermelon carriage, fairy dust, and other fun details from the story were also weaved into options.

Hoodzpah sketches Godmothered Title Treatment

In the end, none of our concepts ended up being chosen for the final title treatment, but we were honored to get to collaborate with Disney on the process that led to the final.

Godmothered is streaming now on Disney+!


Special Thanks to:

Neri Rivas, VP Creative Advertising, Walt Disney Studios, for referring us.

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