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Red Bull Road Trip USA

In the summer of 2018, the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team took the Red Bull F1 car and hit the road from San Francisco, CA all the way to Miami, FL for an epic road trip called “Red Bull Road Trip USA.” Is it really Summer break without a road trip? Hoodzpah got to join the pit crew, metaphorically of course (the most work we’ve ever done on a car was replacing a dead battery), and provide design and branding expertise for this 6000 mile event. The logo needed to encapsulate the retro feel of an Americana road trip and the envelope-pushing, adventurousness of the Red Bull brand. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? We can do you that and more: check out this amazing video footage from the road.

Daniel Ricciardo drove the RB14 from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Las Vegas Strip and on through Monument Valley. Epic video here.

Max Verstappen then took the final leg from the Rocky Mountains to Miami. Another Super Epic Video.

Direction and Design

Jennifer Hood
Amy Hood


— Logo
— Custom Wordmark
— Illustration
— Post Cards
— Sticker Set & Gifs


All images © Garth Milan | Red Bull Content Pool

The Red Bull Road Trip USA Logo System

For the Road Trip USA logo we wanted something that felt nostalgic and retro, like a gas station logo at a truck stop off the CA-15. Our custom lettering solution also had to work well with the Red Bull mark, and be legible in small scenarios like an embroidered patch on a shirt or hat, and big scenarios like on event backdrops. We also needed various orientations and iterations for apparel, web, print collateral, social, etc. Here’s a look at the final system along with some applications for event banners and patches for pit crew style button ups and hats.

Postcards and Sticker Sets

The final Red Bull Road Trip USA event took place in Miami Beach. Postcards from each road trip pit stop were illustrated and designed to give out at the event. We also created branded animated gifs and sticker packs for people to use when sharing the event on social.

Red Bull Fuel Gauge Sticker animated

RedBull Stickers Hoodzpah 2x 50

The Process

A lot of work and iteration goes into finalizing the perfect event logo and identity system. We tried a lot of options leading up to our final marks. Here are some early iterations that led to our final logo system.

More of a good thing

Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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