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Chapman Ave Layered Font


Introducing Chapman Ave, a dimensional font family from Hoodzpah for dimensional chrome and drop shadow looks.

Purchase includes:
— OTF and/or WOFF and WOFF2 files
— Link to How to Use PDF
— License EULA PDF


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Chapman Ave Layered Font

A Dropshadow and Chrome Font Family for a 3d Look in Seconds

Type it out, select Chapman Ave Fill, copy and paste in front and select Chapman Ave Dropshadow — BAM — Instant drop shadow. Copy and paste in front once more to add corners or chrome. You’ll have a beautiful layout before you can say “Will Stranger Things Season 4 ever come?”

Dropshadow Family In Use
Chapman Ave Font Bowie 1975
TheJam Final 800x800 Single Loop
Chrome Family In Use
Quality Final 800x800 Single Loop
Chapman Ave Font Tacos Chill

Great for Logos

Literally make your logo “pop” with these dimensional shadow and highlight effects!

Chapman Ave font Cantez beer logo
Chapman Ave Cantez beer labels
Chapman Ave Cantez beer cans grit
Chapman Ave Font Maxwell Auto Logo system color
Maxwell Auto tee Chapman Ave font

Add Interest to Any Layout

Magazines, posters, websites, tees, fliers… the application options are endless.

Chapman Ave font magazine layout examples 4
Photo credits from left: Alex Mehl, Clint McKoyBrandon Russell, Brandon Russell
Chapman Ave magazine layout 3

Photo by: Brandon Russell

Chapman Ave magazine layout 4

Photo by: Clint McKoy

Chapman Ave magazine layout 1

Photo by:  Alex Mehl

Chapman Ave magazine layout 2

Photo by: Brandon Russell

Contextual Alternates That Do The Hard Work

Chapman Ave Layered Font Style Set 01 features a smart underline coded to recognize the space bar as a cue to add an end cap. Using Titlecase? Any lowercase letter that follows a capital letter will have a starting cap. It’s a simple as selecting Style Set 1, and turning on “Contextual Alternates.”

chapman ave open type stylistic set
Chapman Ave font Elton in vegas
Chapman Ave Font Take It Easy
Chapman Ave font psychadelic album art

2 Stylistic Sets and More Open Type Features:

Chapman Ave includes 2 Open Type stylistic sets: Default style set features descending drop caps. Style set 01 (.ss01) adds an underline ornamentation. Other features include ligatures for awkward letter pairing (d_a, L_a, L_o_) and contextual alternates.

Chapman Ave font layers default
Chapman Ave font layers ss01

Test out Chapman Ave Font


Chapman Ave Shadow

You and I Are Gonna Live Forever

Chapman Ave Fill

Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

Chapman Ave Chrome

You and I Are Gonna Live Forever

Chapman Ave Corner

You and I Are Gonna Live Forever


Chapman Ave layered font is a family of 4 dimensional fonts with more looks than the Met Gala. Mix and match styles, access Open Type stylistic sets for a whole new underlined look with contextual alternates, and play with different cases for endless design possibilities. This font was made as a chrome font all caps variation of our font Santa Ana Sans.


Typeface Design: Amy Hood, Hoodzpah, Inc.
Production: Hoodzpah, Inc.
Animation:  Erika Dillon
© Hoodzpah, Inc. 2021

Fonts in use:

See how people are using our fonts: #hoodfonts


  • Standard English alphabet in all caps upper and lowercase (small caps)
  • Open Type Features: contextual alternates, ligatures, and a full 2nd stylistic set (.ss01)
  • Numerals
  • Punctuation:  ! ? , . : ; – _ ‘ * &
  • For full glyph list scroll to bottom.



  • 212 Glyphs
  • OTF, WOFF, & WOFF2 formats

Trial Fonts

For commercial artists looking to try fonts before they buy.

For students working on class projects.

Get Trial Fonts ⟶ 

License FAQ's

What does the Desktop License Cover?

—Stationery Collateral like Business Cards, Letterhead, Post Cards, Trifolds, Folders, etc.
— Personal Promotion Usage: Garage Sale Flyers, Local Theater, Band Posters
— Products: Tee Designs, Mug Designs, Stickers etc.*
— Marketing and Promotional Materials
— Packaging and Signage

* Exception: Use on product creation websites (ex: Zazzle), or apps that allow their end user to create a new design with the font (ex: Canva) is not allowed under these licenses. Contact Hoodzpah if you need a license for this. info@hoodzpahdesign.com

What doesn’t the Desktop License cover?

— Web Use (@font-face embedding). Purchase a web license for this.
— Ebook or Epub use. Purchase an Epub license for this.
— Apps. Purchase an app license for this.

How do I figure out how many users I should purchase for?

Think about how many people in your company will be accessing and using the font files. That’s how many users you need to license for. An exception to this is third party subcontractors like printers,  developers, animators, etc. (outside of your company) who may need access to the files for your projects temporarily. These are allowed temporary access under our license as long as they delete the files after the project is complete.

What if I’m purchasing for a client?

How many people on the company’s team will be accessing/using the font files? That’s how many users you need to purchase for. Write the client’s name in the notes section of your order if purchasing for them, or have them purchase directly.

I’m a creative—can I use this font license on more than one client project?

Each new client project requires a new license to be purchased for that client.

Where can I find your End User License Agreements?

Hoodzpah EULAs


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