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Kensington is a narrow, stately, and eclectic sans serif inspired by the exquisitely compact and charming area of West London. Designed by Jen Hood of Hoodzpah in collaboration with Mattox Shuler and Brian Brubaker at Fort foundry.

This whimsical typeface boasts 5 weights plus italics, and a ton of fun ornaments like borders, dividers, and more. 


Hazel's@1.5x 40

Kensington font is a narrow, stately, and eclectic sans serif inspired by the exquisitely compact and charming area of West London. From the stately porticos of Victorian-style townhomes, to the quaint, cobble-stoned mews, the ornate museums and embassies, the spires and steeples peeking through the chimney tops, and the whimsical gardens – Kensington’s appeal is in its densely packed variety. This typeface offers the same: a compact charm that you can’t quite tie to one style or time.

Quixleys@1.5x 40
Peter Pan@1.5x 40

Available in 5 weights plus italics, the typeface can sway from elegant to bold. Unexpected flourishes in letters like the “x”, “g”, and “k”, lend whimsicality to any text. The typeface features considered ligatures, international language support, stylistic and contextual alternates, and ornamental dingbats. Designed by Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah, with much help from Mattox Shuler and Brian Brubaker of Fort Foundry.

Night Cinema@1.5x 40
Weights and alts@1.5x 40
Kensington Font featured image


Named after the iconic thoroughfare in Palm Springs, Palm Canyon Drive was the first typeface we ever made. We designed it for our friends at Retro Supply Co. The monoline script is effortlessly classy, in the style of roadside diners and beach bars of yesteryear. Palm Canyon Drive’s sweeping caps and demure lowercase letters can hold their own within bar/restaurant branding, holiday-themed designs, summer bash invites — you name it. 3 Weights are included in the typeface (light, regular, and heavy). Palm Canyon Drive is packed with extra glyphs beyond the standard set (and in all 3 weights). Includes all standard alpha-numeric characters and popular catchwords.

What’s Included

  • Palm Canyon Drive script Light (OTF)
  • Palm Canyon Drive script Regular (OTF)
  • Palm Canyon Drive script Heavy (OTF)
  • Bonus Illustrative Glyphs Light (OTF)
  • Bonus Illustrative Glyphs Regular (OTF)
  • Bonus Illustrative Glpyhs Heavy (OTF)
  • All standard alpha-numeric characters
  • Extra glyphs including popular catchwords and transitionals
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