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By Amy Hood

Killer Posters, Prints & More!

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Head over to our etsy store by clicking here or on the “store” tab to get some killer art for your boudoir/man-cave/sin-bin/casa/cubicle/corner-office. All prints and posters are printed on high-quality matte gloss paper with vivid inks that won’t run or fade. That means you get to keep your Hoodzpah limited edition print forever. Yep, limited edition. Each print is a limited run piece of art, numbered and signed by one of the Hood sisters’ very own hand. We’ll be updating the store regularly with more bodacious graphic eye candy, so check back frequently, friends.

3 Reasons You Should Purchase A Hoodzpah Poster/Print:

1. You’ll be supporting up-and-coming/starving artists. Even artists/designers have to eat.

2. You’ll impress your friends. Being an art collector ups your perceived intellect by at least 10%. 

3. You’ll be inspired daily. Surrounding yourself with art is the best way to keep yourself stimulated and inspired to do your own creating. 

Hush, no more words.

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