By Amy Hood

FABAS LA Workshop #2

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It’s crazy that we’ve never done a FABAS “home show”! (Just let me pretend like we’re The Strokes playing an NYC show, rather than what we actually are, just a couple girls talking about contracts and quarterly taxes.) We teamed up with verynice Women’s Salon for our first workshop at wework (pics to come!), and it sold out so fast that we listed a second in DTLA. We rented out Allies Worldwide and increased the class size to 30 and, okay YES we were packed like sardines, but we had such a good time!

Some highlights included:

  • Every other person was named Jessica or Jennifer making remembering names a BREEZE. If you all could coordinate this for every workshop, that would be amazing.
  • Natacha Cabrera, our new Project Manager, got the most legit spread of pastries from Porto’s.
  • Kingston Photo (aka was our official photographer for the day
  • So many familiar faces showed up to talk biz and trade tips and tricks! (I’m looking at you Bryce ReyesJess ChiangAnna Mcnaught, and Lynne Door!)
  • We got to catch up with the talented Hype Type Studio after over some cold beers.

All in all such a fun workshop! If you didn’t get tickets before they sold out, don’t worry, we’re working on workshops in OC, Riverside, and Ventura as we speak. Sign up for our email newsletter to be kept up to date.

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