By Amy Hood

AIGA OK FABAS Workshop Recap and OKC in a Day

The AIGA OK crew knows how to have fun! Monica and Naoma of the AIGA board picked us at the airport and the rest was a whirlwind of eating, drinking, talking, workshopping, and Rumplemans shots. Huge shout out to Clint, Michael, Mel, Robbie, The Paramount Room (who graciously donated us their haunted old building – yes, the building was a Paramount Films building back in the day), and everyone who came out! Here are a few pics from our talk and workshop, and scroll down to hear all about what we ate, drank, and saw in our 1.5 day trip.

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FABAS Workshop OKC
amy hood jen hood AIGA OK

All the Things We Ate

We may have only stayed 2 days, but we crammed every minute of our time off with food and fun. Here’s our favorite spots we saw in OKC:

21C Hotel web
21C Hotel OKC amy hood jen hood

The AIGA OKC crew put us up at an amazing hotel/art gallery/restaurant bar ( I KNOW it’s amazing) called 21C which is actually based out of KY.

jones assembly ok

Late night drinks and snacks at The Jones Assembly: apparently the OKC Thunder hang out there and I get why. Super cool, super hip vibe with tons of communal tables for sitting, talking, and snacking with all our pals. (photo by MadiRae cuz we were having so much fun we forgot to take one.) Also, this amazing spot

Elemental Coffee web

Coffee and breakfast at Elemental Coffee in Midtown. Get the orange cardamom seasonal latte and Biz-kits and gravy. Oh and a ginger cardamom whoopie pie to go. Still craving one of those whoopie pies.

Commonplace Kitchen OKC friends

Our OKC pals Nate and Katrina Ward of Half Design were rad enough to show us around (Commonplace was their amazing recommendation)

Commonplace OKC bokstore

Books, more coffee, and lunch at Commonplace Bookstore and Kitchen OKC: the raddest group of individuals run and operate the bookstore/cafe. Every patron is a regular and the shop owner, Ben, knows all of their names. Bogs the dog is on hand for pets and Chef Chris makes the best polenta. Get the Pancettas and Greens and a “dressed” Topo Chico to drink. SO good.

Cattlemens Cafe OKC e1551132086321

Cattleman’s is an old school rustic steak joint with the most legit cowboy locals we saw the whole trip. Just imagine every extra from the show Yellowstone. Don’t get the ham steak, but you BEST get a ribeye steak. If you’re feeling brave try the Lamb Fries.

Bar Arbolada

Late night cocktails at Bar Arbolada. The drinks are amazing and the space is cool but inviting.