AIGA Boston #FABAS Talk + Workshop recap

We had such a blast in Boston! We walked the Freedom Trail, saw amazing old gravestones of our forefathers, ate all the Lobster Rolls, and survived driving around the streets of Boston (can you even call them streets?) in our mini van rental. Huge thank you to Nathan Pyritz and the AIGA Boston crew for the hospitality, and to Amelia Oon (http://ameliaoon.com/) for the photos.

The Dodge Caravan the rental care company gave us. BARELY survived driving this thing on the Boston streets!

There were SOOO many incredible #locallogos to see! Especially love Bartley’s Burgers at Harvard

Downtown Boston on a gloomy evening

Tooled around Harvard. Fun fact: one of our SciFy guilty pleasure shows is Fringe.

Stumbled upon Delux Cafe Bar and it was by far our favorite spot, full of Dolly memorabilia and red solo cup twinkle lights.


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