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By Amy Hood

5 Key Commands to Make Your Life Easier

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Life can be difficult. Between figuring out health insurance, fighting rush hour traffic and facing a rapidly growing inbox of unread emails, it’s easy to feel worn down when things are complicated. But luckily, computing doesn’t have to be! Turns out your keyboard is actually a cornucopia of handy shortcuts that can save you time and effort. Learn these key commands to get stuff done more efficiently, so you can get back to what’s important. Like avoiding those emails by marathoning House of Cards.

1. Undo and Redo The fastest way to reverse mistakes, or un-reverse them if you change your mind. Key command: Command + Z  /  Command + Shift + Z

2. Find What You’re Looking For Use this bad boy to find all sorts of things, from folders to a particular word in a document or web page. Key command: Command + F

3. Copy and Paste Don’t drag and drop—copy and paste like a winner! Key command: Command + C  /  Command + V

4. Cut Stuff Out Save time by hitting this key instead of using the old menu bar method. Key command: Command + X

5. Save Your Work Save your work, save your sanity. Train yourself to do this as often as you can. Key command: Command + S

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