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Dennis Rodman Hairstyles Animated Gif by Amy Hood in ode to the Last Dance on Netflix - Adobe interviews Hoodzpah on Making an Animated Gif

Making an Animated Gif: Amy Hood Shares Some Tips with Adobe

Fan art by Amy Hood in ode to the many hairstyles of Dennis Rodman, inspired by The Last Dance on Netflix.

Experiencing animated gifs is so much fun, but making an animated gif is soooo much work. You can spend hours and hours on something someone might only experience for 2-3 seconds. But those 2-3 seconds can delight and grab a visitor’s attention in such a special way.

To streamline your process and take some of the guesswork out of the gif making process, Adobe asked a few designers for their tips and tricks when it comes to animating gifs, including Hoodzpah’s own Amy Hood! The blog is essentially a dinner party we wish we were at with fellow friends and designers Cymone Wilder of Simon and Moose, Ethan Silva of Bad Lucky Studio, and Kim Vu also weighing in.

Big thanks to Patrick Faller at Adobe for including us.

Check out the blog on Adobe.

Hoodzpah Illustration Live Stream


Last Dance Fan Art: The Many Hairstyles of Dennis Rodman

Watch Amy livestream illustrate one of the first frames of this animation on the Hoodzpah Youtube channel.

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