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By Amy Hood

5 Key Commands to Make Your Life Easier: Adobe InDesign Edition

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Your stash of post-Easter chocolate bunnies are all eaten, the Ducks lost to the Kings, and it feels like it’s gonna be a long wait for Memorial Day to arrive. We may not be able to fast forward time, but we can help make your life a little easier with our keyboard shortcut cheat sheets, this time featuring key commands for Adobe InDesign.

1. Place a File Opens up your finder menu speedily so you can drop in the file you need. Key command: Command + D

2. Crop a Frame to Fit Content No readjusting pesky boxes necessary! Key command: Command + Option + C

3. Align Objects You are the boss of how you want those objects to be justified. Key command: Command + Shift + L  /  Command + Shift + C  /  Command + Shift + R

4. Export a File Send files on their way quicker than using the old menu bar method. Key command: Command + E

5. Preview Mode Quickly hide your canvas and guides if you need to look spiffy in a hurry or just want to check your progress. Key command: W

the five key commandments instruction spread for Adobe Indesign

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