Project Proposal Template for Creatives


Landing better work at better rates requires you to better communicate the value of what you’re offering to a client, and how it benefits them. That’s why we built this project proposal which we use ourselves to quote work at Hoodzpah! It will help visual creatives like you:

1. Uncover what the client needs and values in your initial call
2. Instill trust in you as an expert
3.  Show an understanding of the potential client’s goals
4.  Communicate the value of what you can do
5.  Connect on a human level (it goes far)

The template includes a tutorial and a list of questions to use in your initial client call, so you get the key information you need to craft a winning proposal!

Project Proposal Template for Creatives

What customers are saying

Total Game Changer

“Just wanted to let you know that this quote deck just helped us land a HUGE client. Total game changer and thanks!!”

– D.B.


Landed Two New Clients

“Thank you so much for creating this quote deck presentation! It has already saved me so many hours and landed two new clients ! Thanks ladies. 🙏🏼.”

– Halle Hauer


10/10 Would Recommend

“I just finished the call presenting this and it was the best presentation I’ve had so far. 10/10 would recommend this to a friend.”

– Meaghan Cafferty

Project Proposal by Hoodzpah on a laptop
Project Proposal

Feeling like you can’t land that next level of client? This is for you.

We’ve been there! You know your work is good and your rates are fair, but you keep getting passed up for work. So what’s missing? It’s likely a communication breakdown. This resource will help you uncover what your potential client cares about, so you can prove the value of your service to them in a compelling way.

Communicate value. Educate your client. Land better work.

Early on at our studio, we were sending quotes as word docs with no context (except maybe some portfolio work attached). It was underwhelming to our potential clients to say the least. The problem? It focused only on cost, not value. It lacked context that related uniquely to the client. So we created this deck and client interview template for ourselves. It changed the game for us, increasing our average landed project rates by 4x.

Project Proposal
Computer desk Project Proposal Mockup

Streamline your quote and proposal process

Quoting is stressful enough. Presenting your pricing shouldn’t be something you’re doing from scratch each time. The design of this template is intentionally simple and clean, to focus on your work and your messaging, and to keep editing efficient. Keynote and InDesign files includes (plus a PowerPoint file).

Note: Basic understanding of InDesign and/or Keynote recommended to use these templates.
Project Proposal
Rise 73 Color Palette



  • InDesign and Keynote formats. (Plus IDML and PPTX files)
  • Keynote can easily be uploaded to Google Slides to use
  • 2 Design themes included
  • 16:9 layouts.
  • Easily update styles. Fully customizable.
  • 18 Pages per style.
  • Uses free fonts from Google Fonts.
  • A detailed how-to guide is included, with tips for pricing.

Plus: We’ve also included a guide to your first call with a client before you make the proposal. This step is KEY to getting the information you need to make a proposal that wins them over.

“I love it. I’ve had a 100% conversion rate since I started using [the proposal] in December, and most clients are going towards the upper tiered scope.”

– Shane Kingery, Kingery Design

2 styles / themes


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