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This creative project proposal template will help you level up how you present your expertise, process, and pricing. A great solution for busy freelancers, studios, and agencies. This template is based off of a format recommended by business coaches and experts, and used by top agencies and companies. It’s modeled after the proposal we use here at Hoodzpah. It’s sectioned into an easy-to-digest and easy-on-the-eyes presentation that will impress your potential clients and prove to them that you took the time to understand what they need, and how to deliver it. Great for visual creatives of all kinds (designers, illustrators, letterers, photographers, and filmmakers included).

**Note: Basic understanding of InDesign and/or Keynote recommended to use these templates.


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  • InDesign and Keynote formats included. (Plus IDML file.)
  • 2 color themes included – a softer, airy palette, and a stark, bold palette.
  • 16:9 Ratio format optimal for presenting on screens (laptop, desktop, or projector).
  • Easily update type styles, colors and images to match your own branding. Fully customizable.
  • Sections include: Intro, Project Goal, Process/Solution, Timeline, Team, Capabilities/Skills, Portfolio/Case Studies, Scope & Price. 14 Pages per Template.
  • Uses free fonts from Google Fonts.
  • A detailed how-to guide is included, which explains the anatomy of our proposal deck and the goal of each section, so you know how to customize it to best suit you and your potential client.
  • A client questionnaire is also included, to help you gather the information you need to customize the proposal uniquely for the client.

We built this creative project proposal template based off of the one we use at Hoodzpah. This is how we respond to potential clients asking us for quotes or written proposals. We’re sharing it with you, because we want to help you land your dream projects! Winning new clients is about so much more than your talent (sigh). But don’t worry, that’s where a great project proposal comes in!

This format of presenting ourselves and our pricing bridged a huge gap for us. Early on, we were just sending price estimates in an email or word doc with some images of work attached, and we weren’t able to win the clients we wanted at the rates we felt we deserved.

Why? Because we weren’t making a compelling case for why we deserved those rates, and how we could solve the client’s unique problem. We were just presenting a number and a scope without any context or explanation. This left the client to see us as a big expense, rather than seeing the exciting potential benefits tied to an investment. This proposal is best suited for presenting value based pricing.

A great project proposal will help you:

  • Introduce yourself / your team.
  • Prove that you understand the client’s unique project problem/goal.
  • Show you have a plan and process in place to solve the problem.
  • Explain the benefits of your solution.
  • Outline your unique qualifications, skills and services.
  • Communicate the value of what you do.
  • Prove that you’re invested in the client before they even pay you.
  • Showcase your relevant portfolio work and expertise.
  • Outline the scope and timeline of the project.
  • Contextualize your price so it’s not a shock, but rather a justified investment.
  • Level up from just sending your pricing and scope within an email or bland text document.
  • Put yourself on a more even playing field with the larger companies you’re competing against.

Making your own project proposal template isn’t impossible. But if you’re stressed out and maxed out, with little time to spare, this template will make the job much easier, while also helping you up your game.

Using this format to present our quotes and pricing took us to a completely new level of client work, and we have raised our rates almost 400% for our most popular services in the last 4 years. Which just goes to show how much we were undervaluing our work before, and how little we understood how to communicate the value of it to others.

Shoutout and big thanks to Unsplash.com , a great resource for completely free stock photos. We used them throughout the proposal as placement images.


What users think so far:

“Just wanted to let you know that this quote deck just helped us land a HUGE client. Total game changer and thanks!!” – D.B.

“Hey! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for creating this quote deck presentation! It has already saved me so many hours and landed two new clients ! Can’t wait to continue to use this and practice the tips you guys gave during the Adobe live sessions ! ✌? thanks ladies. ??.” – Halle Hauer

“I just finished the call presenting this and it was the best presentation I’ve had so far. 10/10 would recommend this to a friend.” – Meaghan Cafferty

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