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By Amy Hood

MCON 2015: Hoods Head to Chicago

Hoodzpah is honored to be taking part in MCON 2015 this year. The conference will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, but don’t let distance or lack of a ticket hold you back from seeing all the action! You can watch live, for free, at www.mcon.events. Hoodzpah founders, Amy and Jen Hood, will be on the design panel discussing the topic of “Using Art To ActivatePeople For Good” along with Steve Alfaro of Voto Latino, furniture and goods designer Stephen Kenn, and Sarah Urist Green of The Art Assignment. We’ll be chronicling our trip on instagram, so follow along! @hoodzpahdesign Check out the full speaker lineup below:

MCON line up sheet showing all speakers

Hush, no more words.

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