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By Amy Hood

Krochet Kids and Hoodzpah team up for limited edition poster series

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Hoodzpah and Krochet Kids have teamed up for an exclusive poster release! Krochet Kids is an amazing Costa Mesa-based company that helps empower women in poverty around the world by teaching them career-centric skills. Specifically, the company teaches women to crochet hats and bags and other on-trend pieces for the Krochet Kids brand line. Besides teaching them a skill that gives them purpose in their family unit, Krochet Kids pays these women fair wages and teaches them things beyond the crochet trade. They teach them how to grow in their own entrepreneurial endeavors, and how to raise their communities above the poverty line through real-life, tried and true methods. This is far from charity, it’s a company whose model is based on building sustainable economic development programs in countries that are desperate for growth and stability.

poster that reads: Dare to dream bigger
poster that reads: Put others before yourself. It's better.
Poster that reads: Kindness is not a trend
Poster that reads: You are more capable than you think

The positive business model only magnifies how great the product line is that results from it. Krochet Kids’ line of hats, tees, sweaters and bags are top quality, hand crafted, classically designed, and bona fide rad. Adding to that lineup of goods is a limited edition run of 4 posters designed by Hoodzpah exclusively for Krochet Kids. The posters showcase quotes that Kohl Crecelius (CEO and co-founder of Krochet Kids) and David Garvin (the art director of Krochet Kids) feel embody the ethos behind what Krochet Kids stands for. Each poster Amy and I designed is screen-printed in a limited run of only 100 prints each. All posters include hand-drawn lettering or illustrations. They are hand-signed and numbered by we the artists, as well. On sale starting today, these gems wont last long. At $20 each, they’re a great gift idea for the holidays. Buy ’em at www.krochetkids.org. [Soapbox demounted]. Huge thanks to our friends Kohl and David for thinking of us on this project. We are so happy to be involved and had an amazing time working with them! Here’s a little behind the scenes video of the process.

Hush, no more words.

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