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By Amy Hood

Eureka Group Show Recap

Huge shout out to everyone who made the trek out to the OC Great Park to see take in the Eureka Group Show, curated by us Hoods.

Designers from San Diego to San Francisco contributed to the show. The “Anyone Can Be a Graphic Designer” interactive cork board was a hit with kids and parents alike. We cut out dozens of foam elements and shapes which visitors could affix to pegs on the board to make their own design and celebrate the fun of graphic design. Take a look through our photos from the opening. Feel free to grab and share on your social! Tag us at @hoodzpahdesign.

Major thanks to all the artists who participated, and to Adam and Kevin at the OC Great Park Gallery. View current and upcoming shows here.

The “Anyone Can Be A Graphic Designer” wall at Eureka Group Show

The “Anyone Can Be A Graphic Designer” wall.

Hans Bennewitz and son at Eureka Group Show

Hans and Jude Bennewitz playing “designer”

Viewing crowd at Eureka Group Show
Jeff Ipjian and girlfriend holding hands at Eureka Group Show
Crowd view at Eureka Group Show
Patrick Yandoc sitting at Eureka Group Show

Photographer Patrick Yandoc and a friend take in the show.

Hans Bennewitz and Jackson Hall shaking hands at Eureka Group Show

Eureka artists Jaxin Hall (founder of Key Street) and Hans Bennewitz (Designer and Illustrator) share a warm welcome.

Jen and Amy Hood and Nachilla Eltit at Eureka Group Show

From left to right: Jennifer Hood (curator and designer), Nachilla Eltit (designer), and Amy Hood (curator and designer).

Jackson Hall's baby in her stroller at Eureka Group Show

Baby Hall.

The Meet the Artists wall at Eureka Group Show

Sel Thomson (designer) greets a friend.

Jackson Hall with his poster at Eureka Group Show

Jaxin Hall (designer) next to his piece.

Leon Ingram with his poster at Eureka Group Show

Leon Ingram (designer) next to his piece.

Jeff Ipjian by his poster at Eureka Group Show

Jeff Ipjian (designer) and his piece.

Andy Boice with his poster at Eureka Group Show

Andy Boice (designer) and his piece.

Lauren Griffin by her poster at Eureka Group Show

Lauren Griffin and her piece (3 color screen print that glows in the dark! You can buy them in her store).


Samantha Lopez presenting her poster at Eureka Group Show

Samantha Lopez and her piece.

Hans Bennewitz with his poster at Eureka Group Show

Hans Bennewitz (designer) and his piece.

Corey Meyers at Eureka Group Show

Corey Meyers (designer), his cute lil’ dog, and his NASA piece.

Ethan Silva at Eureka Group Show

Ethan Silva (designer) and his piece.

A photo of Chris Reath, Jennifer Hood, Viet Huynh and Amy Hood at Eureka Group Show

Left to right clockwise: Chris Reath (designer at Slack), Jennifer Hood, Viet Huynh (designer at Slack) and Amy Hood.


Photo Credit: Miss B.


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