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By Amy Hood

Drake vs. Blake & other favorite moments of the 2014 ESPYs

1st Place:

Did you watch the 2014 ESPYs? I’m still cracking up from the Blake Griffin / Drake mashup sketch. At one point they pretend to be each other and Drake, pretending to be Blake, comments: “I kind of look like a black guy that jumped into a pit of Cheetos, laid there for 10 days and then just popped up…”

Runner-up moment:

That awkward moment when Chris Brown popped on stage, called himself “America’s Sweetheart”, and the crowd couldn’t decide whether they were allowed to laugh or not. Hesitant chuckles ensued.

Runner runner-up moment:

The Double Lance Cam, which poked fun at Lance Stephenson’s stunt last season when he blowed in LeBron James’ ear. To commemorate the moment, Drake creates a spin off of the kiss cam, the Lance Cam, through which he blows on Lance’s ear, and then invites Lance to blow into Paul George’s ear with him, hence the Double Lance Cam. Gold.

Runner runner runner-up moment:

That great moment when Maria Sharapova (6’2″ + 4″ heels = 6’6″) kept boxing out and tripping over the 5’8″-tall boxer Floyd Mayweather while they presented the Best Game award. He was the Danny Devito to her Arnold Swarzenegger (Re: Twins [1988]).

Espys 2014 Maria Sharapova and Floyd Mayweather

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