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By Amy Hood

Bad Asses Welcome. Bad Attitudes Be Gone. Talking at Connecting Things...

"Bad Asses Welcome Bad Attitudes Be Gone" video title card photo of Jen and Amy Hood

Last week we got an impromptu invitation to talk at Connecting Things, a great local project in Orange County that grew out of a couple of friends hanging out and talking about making things. A few of us creatives in OC were meeting up Wednesday mornings at Wolf Camp Studios to talk shop, eat doughnuts, and drink coffee. Josh Richie of Column Five , the Wolf Camp Studios duo Aaron Shintaku and Ryan Haack, Josh Ariza, The Artist Report, Andy Keil and Amy and I of Hoodzpah, decided to try and add a bit more form to the madness and create a once a month event that would better connect more creatives locally. Connecting Things was born. Amy and I were asked to whip up a quick talk for the first event, which happened last week. We decided to get on our soapbox about something pretty awesome and powerful: gratitude. Gratitude is the business of being thankful for what circumstances and resources you have. Gratitude makes for fearless creatives who know how to make the most out of things. Attitude leads to disappointment, unto fearfully emulating. Here’s the video of our talk above, which was fabulously shot thanks to Braedon Flynn of The Artist Report. Below is the slidedeck of our talk. Connecting Things will be happening the first Wednesdays of the month in OC. Website and social media coming soon to keep you posted.

"Bad Asses Welcome Bad Attitudes Be Gone" title card

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