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By Amy Hood

Announcing Our First Poster Giveaway! FREE SHWAG!

Poster on a wall
What two words are sweeter than “FREE SHWAG?” Let’s be honest? Well maybe “FREE ART”. I’m promising both here. Yes, today we are doing a poster giveaway for some of our art. One lucky winner will get a free poster of their choice from our etsy store! (Check out the goods by clicking on the shop tab.) All you have to do to enter is like the Giveaway “post” on our Hoodzpah Art + Graphics facebook page and leave a comment with the poster you want, and voila! You are entered! To get a double entry, share the link with your foxy facebook friends. May the best man/woman/child/sheman/manchild/tranny win!
Winner will be chosen and announced on facebook Friday morning at noon!
Listening to: The Rolling Stones’ “Mixed Emotions”

Hush, no more words.

Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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