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By Amy Hood

Our Fwends: Lindsey Bro

Lindsey Bro in the Hoodzpah Studio

Today Lindsey Bro came by Hoodzpah to pick up a pair of our Astrological Painted Hands for her and a friend. You might remember Lindsey as the witty writer that helped us curate both of the new years guides we did for Locale Magazine (The Recharge Guide & The Deux Over Guide). Usually she’s busy writing scripts for video games, ghost writing for big wig doctors, or jetsetting all over the globe – so we’re always stoked when we can pin her down for a few weeks together to help us on one of our projects. If we’re being honest, all these projects are just a guise to hang out with this brainy babe.

Listening to: “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Hush, no more words.

Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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