Creative Pep Talk Promo Art Collage of an eagle a woman and hands wearing gloves

Creative Pep Talk


Our interview with @andyjpizza on Creative Pep Talk is on iTunes and Spotify! In our minds Andy is the Conan O’Brien of the design world: hilarious, verging on manic but in the most lovable and endearing way, so creative, and an excellent conversationalist. In our conversation we covered:⁠

— Our neighborhood bald eagle, Bruce⁠ [Fig 1]
— “The Stinky Cheese Man” books and how they inspired a young Amy and Jen Hood⁠ [Fig 2]
— How designers are like doctors⁠ [Fig 3]
— What makes a brand magic… what gives it that special umph⁠ [Fig 4]


Click here to listen now!