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I love design from the 60s and 70s. It felt like a timeline where the motto was “Anything goes”. Bright colors and innuendos that would make your Granny blush. Even on Hallmark cards and calendars! Say, “Hallmark,” today and people think: 24/7 made-for-tv Christmas movies that are tamer than tame. Not a cleavage line in site, never a swear word muttered, and an hour and a half to get one passionless kiss in the last 2 minutes. Turns out Hallmark didn’t always used to be so tightly wound.

Was digging through one of my new favorite inspiration blogs, Peculiar Manicle, and found a treasure trove of Hallmark greeting card company goods (from books to calendars) released in the 60s and 70s, and 100% created by people tripping balls. Scroll down for a few of the best, but definitely check out Peculiar Manicle for more awesome psychedelic, mod, retro design and typography!

Shine On.

Thanks to Chris von Burske who turned us on to Peculiar Manicle!

Unzodiac Book

Unzodiac Book cover page
Unzodiac Book page with a drawing of the lady Melba
Unzodiac Book Page with a wizard on it
Unzodiac Book

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Peculiar Monicle Calendar page
Peculiar Monicle Calendar page
Peculiar Monicle Calendar page
Peculiar Monicle Calendar page

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