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By Amy Hood

Our Fwend: Stacey Rozich

Stazey rozich wearing the Hoodzpah Shine On Diamond patch

 Three things you should know about our talented friend Stacey Rozich:

1. She’s got illustration skills like you ain’t never seen. We posted on her  and her work once before, and the proof is in the pudding. (Click it… you won’t regret it.)

2. She’s a vixen.

3. She’s wittier than witty. She just posted this insta pic of her sporting a Hoodzpah “Shine On” patch that we sent her a couple of weeks ago so we thought we’d share.

We’re so glad we know such cool and inspiring artists. Seriously. Got a photo of you sporting your Hoodzpah goods? Email us!

Listening to: “Your Little Hoodrat Friend” by The Hold Steady

Hush, no more words.

Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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