Lakers, Ducks, and LA Women

It’s been crazy busy around Hoodzpah HQ these past few weeks! So many press deadlines and jobs in the works, we’re hustling harder than a one legged penny hooker. But we still manage to find time to catch the Lakers and Ducks in action. Anyone else catch that 4-2, 3rd period comeback against the mighty Blackhawks last night? Ohhhh, sweet victory. We’re coming for that #1 spot, Chicago. That win made up for the abysmal Phoenix game the Lakers squandered away the other night. Really guys? Losing to the Suns? Meh, we all have off days I guess.

[two_third first]In honor of our recuperating leader, Kobe Bryant, I’m posting this photo of an illustration my talented friend Masahana Kato did for me a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it’s Kobe, and yes those luscious lips are pouting for me. Let’s hope he had ankle insurance and that this sprain heals up soon so we can get back to winning again! I started getting used to being above .500, guys… don’t dash my rekindled hopes now. Follow Masa on instagram at @masathehana for sweet doodles, awesome style, and a glimpse into LA livin’. This girl is a babe with style and talent out the ears. When her photos come up in my instagram feed, “LA Woman” by the Doors starts playing from the heavens. Thus why I like to hang out with her.


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