Inspiration of the Day: Kristin Reger

I was perusing the Chapeu de Sol blog the other day and stumbled upon a post about the amazing Brooklyn based artist, Kristin Reger. Here are a few of her recent pieces. Check out her site for more eye candy. The last piece reminds me of Nadine from the beloved cult classic tv show Twin Peaks – which is on Netflix Instant Watch now by the way. If you want some trippy, hilarious entertainment, watch Season 1 of Twin Peaks. Season 2 – not so much. I blame it’s downfall on the addition of Heather Graham to the cast. She’s the worst. Am I supposed to actually believe that the dapper, intelligent, pie-loving Agent Dale Cooper would fall in love with a bump on the log like her? Highly unlikely. Am I a little too involved in the show? Possibly. Is Agent Dale Cooper a dreamboat? Definitely.


Listening to:
The Replacements
“Alex Chilton”


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