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By Amy Hood

An Infographic: The correlation of our soundtrack and beverage choice to the time of day

spotify infographic design timeline of music throughout the day

You know how it goes. You wake up, roll out of bed, crawl to the nearest coffee machine or cafe and then plug into the computer for another great day of design. Your Spotify soundtrack starts out loud and proud. An obscure indie band that’s barely hummable plays as you tackle your newest project. But as the sun wanes, so does your energy… and the power to care. The music selection gets more familiar, less challenging. By sundown you’re still working, and damned if you’ll listen to another meandering atmospheric synth song with unintelligible lyrics. At times like this, only Broadway show tunes and hard liquor can get you through the impending sleepless, work-filled night. Here’s to the evenings filled with soft rock, power ballads, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and the almighty Disney soundtracks. They have saved so many of our careers. Here’s an infographic explaining the demise of our music soundtrack and beverage selection as the day passes. Concept by Jennifer Hood. Infographic design by our fabulous intern, Valerie Rustad, a Chapman University student we adore. Listening To: Les Miserables

Hush, no more words.

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