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By Amy Hood

Inspiration of the Day: Adam Wright

Amy Hood standing in a room doorway holding a book open showing two photos by Adam Wright

Ours is a generation of oversharing, but every now and again social media proves itself to be more useful than for the normal voyeurism and hookup attempts. Like when I found the work of photographer Adam Wright on instagram.

Honestly, I can’t remember who found who first, I’m just glad it happened and that the appreciation for one another’s work was mutual. Wright is a Southern California photographer who’s personal work documents grease monkeys and motor enthusiasts in their native habitats. Custom motorcycles, classic cars, and oil stained hands play a recurring role in his work amidst a backdrop of garage workshops spanning from Orange County to LA and inland. After spamming Wright’s instagram with likes and comments, he sent the ladies of Hoodzpah a few of the most recent magazine/books he’s published.

One is an ongoing experiment that plays around with what a moto photo magazine could be, The Road Course #3: Anti Matter Photo Magazine. All photos, no words, subject matter that branches out from the normal bike mag shots, and clean design. This issue features the likes of Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, hardcore punk skateboarding legend Steve Olson, and Jesse James of West Coast Choppers to name a few. Only 1,000 copies of each issue are printed – each signed and numbered by Wright himself – and not long after he’s got them in hand are they all gone. Seems his little experiment is becoming quite a hit. The other book he included is very much the same as the first, a snapshot of the world of custom motorcycles and the culture surrounding it, but this time as seen through the lenses of a slew of talented contributors including Cicero deGuzman Jr. of Godspeed 40/65 and Scott Pommier of It’s Better In The Wind.

Stay up to date on Adam’s recent work and publications by following his blog, checking out his website, or following him on instagram ( @devillier ).


The Road Course #3

 ©Adam Wright
 ©Adam Wright

 ©Adam Wright

 ©Adam Wright

 ©Adam Wright

The Contributors Book

The Contributor’s Book Cover ©Bill Burke

© Cicero deGuzman Jr.

©Antonio Cellini

©Desmoullin Devillier
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