Honky Tonk, Hillbilly, Hell Raisers

“Oh the sweetest winds they blow across the South…” – Ryan Adams

Jen and Amy firmly believe the words of the wise sage, Ryan Adams. They spent many a year up to their knees in Kentucky bluegrass and many a night in the whiskey soaked venues of Nashville, TN. At the Sims family reunions, you could even find Amy playing fiddle and Jen rocking the cello in the family bluegrass jam band. It was in these days that they learned about the old country and bluegrass greats. Amy even dons a framed photo of one of the greatest drunken, honkey tonk howlers around, George Jones, on her desk at Hoodzpah.

We weeded through some of our favorites to gather a playlist dedicated to the Honky Tonk Hillbilly Hell Raisers. We tried to keep it classic, but we couldn’t resist putting some amazing Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown gems on there too. Our faves are probably obvious (Waylon, George, and Johnny, I’m lookin’ at you).

Caution: Music included in this playlist may cause a tear to fall in your beer.

Enjoy y’all!

– Amy & Jen


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