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By Amy Hood

Godspeed 45/06 and the work of Cicero deGuzman Jr.

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This past week was like Hanukkah at Hoodzpah – a week straight of gifting. Not soon after posting about the amazing new books we were sent by Adam Wright, the doorbell rings and another package arrives from a mutual friend of ours and Adam’s: Cicero deGuzman Jr. (whose work was actually featured in Adam’s contributor photo book). After posting a picture of my place, which included a giant framed print of Danny Lyon’s “Crossing The Ohio River”, Cicero dropped me a line to let me know that my apartment was missing one key element, a Godspeed print. To which I heartily agreed, having been a huge fan of his quarterly photo mags, Godspeed 45/06. As soon as I got the package I carefully tore it open (like that scene from A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s dad gets his prized leg lamp in the mail). I headed straight to get it framed and hung it proudly above my Hoodzpah office desk (photo proof below).

Detail of Godspeed print. ©Godspeed 45/06

Cicero is a NYC based photographer and designer who documents the custom chopper culture in all of its glory, from the lens of one of it’s own. Which is probably the reason his work is so amazing. Cicero isn’t documenting as an outsider, he’s fully immersed in this lifestyle himself. The result? Photographs that are totally unrehearsed and natural, like you’re a part of the gang. I’m particularly drawn to the custom chopper scene. The bikes recall those great years of the 60’s and 70’s. The guys involved are building their own bikes, making their own parts. It’s as much about the process of creating as it is the ride.

For a steady feed of drool-worthy photos from Godspeed follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr or check out his website: Instagram: @godspeed4506 and @gloryboundquarterly Twitter: @godspeed4506 Tumblr:  godspeed4506.tumblr.com Web: godspeed4506.com Listening to: The Doors’ “Five to One”

Hush, no more words.

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