By Amy Hood

"Boom Boom" a Short Film by Our Fab Twin Friends!

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What’s inspiring us recently? Well here’s something: Our friends,  fellow twins, and artists Terry and Larry Ziegelman have just put out their latest short film titled “Boom Boom.” Just two more talented Jews in a long line of cinematic Moses’s heading to the promised land of the Academy Award ranks. Although young, they are veterans of the film world. Terry has worked at Sony Pictures doing CG work on movies like Ice Age and Horton Hears a Who. Although working for the man pays the bills and looks good on the resume, the rhymin Zeigelmans’ true passion lies in their own cinematic creations.

Their latest, “Boom Boom”, is just one of a slew of short films and commercials the twins have worked on, and was just featured on a fabulous site called Short of the Week. Aptly titled, “Boom Boom”, the short film is a dark comedy about the awkward position in which two Muslim Jihadists find themselves when they both wind up at the same urban cafe wearing matching bomb-rigged vests. * Oh my gawd, like we totally wore the same thing! How humiliating! * Do their congratulatory virgin spoils have to be shared in the afterlife if they go down together? These are the quandaries they face. Take a view, and check out more from the Ziegs on Vimeo or on Terry’s personal website.