A Sharp-Dressed, Well-Sung Man: Theophilus London

Theophilus London – Photo by KESH

Besides having an epic name, and a burgeoning, young, hip-hop career, this guy knows how to dress. Feast your eyes on Theophilus London. What else could you expect from “a guy who managed to bring Elvis Costello and Smiths references to the mixtape scene?” Read his interview with Interview magazine here. A snippet to whet your appetite…

“THEOPHILUS LONDON: I started performing music about the age of 16. I lived in Brooklyn, New York, and this thing called the Flatbush Fair comes once a year. That was my first time on stage. First of all, I was overdressed, so that’s why every day of my life I dress down as a motherfucker. I was overdressed, and I wasn’t standing right. I was nervous as fuck and got booed. I even got booed on BET once. Fuck BET. It’s the worst channel of all time. I got booed on BET, but now it’s awesome to come to Austin and even go to Europe and all around the world.”


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