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By Amy Hood

A Fine Line: Sarah b Bolen

Sarah b Bolen tattoo of a flying fish

Instagram has turned from a time-consuming addiction into something quite profitable: it is now one of my go to sources for inspiration. There are so many great artists sharing work on there. I thought it was just a place to share golden-hued, hipster-happy images of the mundane, to the weird, to the things that only you and your friend-circle would ever care about. But no… no it’s so much more than that.

It all started when I started using hashtags on my instagrams of my art work. I started tagging them #art #painting, and so on. And other artists were magically finding them and leaving their critiques and/or encouragements. So I used the search tool to see what would come up if I typed in #art.

I’ll be honest with you guys – I had to weed through a good deal of – ahem – what shall we call it? Crap. Yes I had to weed through the crap to get to the goodies. But, oh were there some goodies. And once you find a few great artists and start following them, they usually in turn follow a few great artists that you can plug into. Soon you have a community of artistic inspiration at your fingertips. One of my recent discoveries that has reignited my dream to learn how tattoo, is Sarah b Bolen, the inked vixen/tattoo artist from Berlin. Bolen tattoos at AKA – Kunst Tattoo and she has some of the most beautiful black and gray tattoos I have ever seen. It’s all in her line work. Her tattoos are in the style of vintage illustrations and lino-cuts, an artform that highlights the beauty of line and line-weight variation. The beauty of this style is that it is so simple and so complex at the same time.

Check out some of her work below, but if you really want to see some amazing stuff start following her on instagram. She updates it daily with her work. @eraserbits.

Hush, no more words.

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