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Acrylic Screenprinted Type Ruler 2.0


A glow up of our popular Small But Mighty Type Ruler, this 2″ x 8″ Acrylic Screenprinted Type Ruler. This time in .125″ thick, yellow acrylic.

Measurements Included:
– Points (type)
– Points (line weight)
– Picas
– Inches
– Centimeters
– Millimeters

Acrylic Screenprinted Type Ruler 2.0

Type Ruler Acrylic by Hoodzpah
Type Ruler Acrylic by Hoodzpah

A must for every designer: the Type Ruler 2.0

You all went feral for this when we share it on our instagram, and it’s now available! This type ruler is a swiss army tool, complete with measurements for type, centimeters, millimeters, picas, inches (a full 6inch ruler included), and line weight. Basically all the handy measurements you need as a creative in your daily work. We had one of these when we first started our career at a print house and local publishing company. But it was super clunky at a whopping 18″ long and didn’t have some basic ruler measurements. It felt clunky to use and so we thought: why not make our own? This ruler now resides on our desk, ready to assist us in prototyping and layout. We hope it’s as invaluable to you as it has been to us.

Ways to use it:

  1. Measure physical type in magazines, layouts, etc.
  2. Measure line weights in the wild
  3. Making ratio correct thumbnail frames
  4. As a straight edge for sketching
  5. Status symbol of your creative professionalism
  6. We could go on and on.

Note: 1 pica = 12 points

Handle Care Cards 1
hoodzpah acrylic ruler animation

Comes with a protective backing. Just peel off and it’s ready to use!

Handling & Care:

• These rulers are screenprinted by real humans at Native Screen Print Co in Florida.
• Clean with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh soaps/solvents/sprays.
• Clear sleeve included for extra protection.
• These screenprinted products are sealed to be scratch resistant against regular use. That said, just like you can scratch your car paint you can scratch these. Be gentle!
• Keep rulers away from fire and extreme heat which is hazardous to the ruler and potentially your health! No holding this ruler over a yuletide fire.

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