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“I Brake for Taco Trucks” Sticker


In stock

— Thick, durable vinyl bumper sticker
— 5″ W x 2.5″ H
— Weatherproof

“I Brake for Taco Trucks” Sticker

In stock

Southern California is known for being the home of:
— The winningest NBA franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers (tied with the Celtics, but let’s not talk about that)
— Surf: Whether you’ve just heard about it in a candy coated Beach Boys song, or experienced it first hand at Trestles Beach, you know Southern California is a mecca for waves and riders.
— Tinseltown: from the studios in Burbank to the stars in front of the Mann’s Chinese Theater.

But above all these… the crown jewel that makes Southern California the greatest place on earth…are the taco trucks that brave city street and freeway to bring us the best tacos north of the border for the best prices. Hand painted menus, bottled Mexican coke, the plastic bins full of self serve salsa, peppers, and limes. If you know the joy… then you know… you always brake for taco trucks.

“I Brake for Taco Trucks” Stickers are dull matte in 2 color.

Fonts in use: Santa Ana Sans

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