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By Amy Hood

The Hoods LIVE on AID Podcast

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We had way too much fun recording with Adventures in Design Podcast (per usual). This time we were live from the Open Space LA Cafe and Theater on Fairfax with Mark and his guest co-host Dave Kloc, an amazing illustrator and Angela Bassett fan. Some of the topics we covered were playing that Social Media game, herd mentality, Gremlins 2 and 3, whether you can really make it big as a designer, and Bieber getting body checked in the NHL All Star Game. Listen to the first hour of the podcast on iTunes or on AID’s website. AID subscribers can listen to the full podcast, where we discuss Kevin Costner as a metaphor for healthy work/life balance, as well as other timely topics. Thanks to Mark Brickey and Dave Defeo for putting the podcast together. It’s a great resource and fun daily listen for creatives of all walks.

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