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By Amy Hood

Hoods Hang With Design Inc. UNDO Podcast

Photo of Amy and Jen Hood chatting with friends

Me, Jen, and our friends Joel Beukelman and Josh Ariza have a text thread going called “Designer Gossip” where we ask for design critique (having super talented friends that are removed from your projects that you can bounce ideas/proofs off of are crucial), talk about nerdy/techy/designer-y news, take sides on the latest twitter battle, and throw a little smack at each other. We basically took that feed and recorded it live a few weeks back when we went on the Design, Inc. UNDO podcast/vlog. Design, Inc. is kind of like Match.com for designers and companies. It connects amazing companies/people who are hiring or subcontracting with the best talent in the industry. Within the Design, Inc platform you can showcase your portfolio work, book jobs, and accept payment in one easy location. Design, Inc. will also ensure you always get paid, so you don’t have to worry about chasing down clients. In this freelancer age, this tool is going to be very handy to very many people. I can’t wait to book a few side freelance gigs with it in the new year! The UNDO blog is a chance for the Design Inc. crew to discuss process with some of the Design, Inc. users. We were so honored to be asked on, because well, we really believe in what Marc, Bjorn, Matthias, Natacha, Pepper, Mikey, and Joel are trying to do at Design, Inc. So if you want to hear me, Jen, and Joel discuss how we run Hoodzpah, how Social Media is changing, Jen’s love of Regency novels, and Amy’s obsession with IMDB, then watch our UNDO episode!

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