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By Amy Hood

The Hoods write the book!

How to Establish Your Small Business and a Powerful Lifestyle Brand e-book by Amy and Jen Hood cover photo

We apologize in advance, but Amy Hood and I are now authors! Our first book is called How to Establish Your Small Design Business and a Powerful Lifestyle Brand. Yes, we know the title is long. I can explain. The title is from a talk we did at Creative South 2013 design conference. Initially, this book was not a book at all, just an attempt to write out a short rough script for the presentation of that title. But that short script fell into the hands of a long winded set of girls who like to talk, talk, talk and talk. Thus we ended up with about 25 pages of words. We realized quickly that no conference audience should be subjected to the torture of a dull read through, so we turned the script into an ebook and then reworked the ebook into a manageable outline of talking points for our actual presentation.

We will apologize for any typos… We will not apologize for the oxford commas, however. They’re awesome.

In our How To book for designers looking to become full time freelance, we chronicle all the nitty gritty nuts and bolts we’ve learned about starting and running a sexy and smart design business. When writing, we wanted to be sure that we didn’t speak in grand, obtuse ideals – we wanted to give concrete advice, real tips, and applicable directives for people to follow when starting a graphic design business. In this ebook, which we both wrote and designed, we explain from our personal experience of starting a design business, how to be a full time freelancer. We cover the stuff they never told you in college about working for yourself: how to start a design business as far as registering and documenting it with the correct government agencies both locally and federally, how to pay your taxes, how to write up design contracts and figure out your billable design rate, how to work out a job structure, how to always get paid, and more. We recommend daily software and free apps we use to stay organized. Besides the business side of getting and managing clients and jobs, we’ve also shared how we built a lifestyle brand for our company and how other designers can too. Lifestyle branding takes your amazing traditional branding to the next level by integrating it into custom content that reveals the personality of the people behind your brand. Lifestyle branding reveals the ethos, dedication and personality behind your business. Real tips, real tricks, real references, real examples. We think it’s a real cool book. But let us know what you think. We’d like to grow this 56-page reference manual yearly to include even more sagely advice for all the freelancers out there. So take a read and let us know what you want to see in the next edition. The book is currently only available as an ebook FOR $9. You can get it here. We apologize for any typos. This book was written in a week or so and I’m sure we’ve missed a few “it’s” and “its” mix-ups. We will not apologize for the oxford commas, however. They’re awesome.

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