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By Amy Hood

Happy Valentine’s Day! Designed with love by Hoodzpah Design

Feb 14th just waiting for chocolate to go on sale toomorrow

Post V-day Perks

to thine own self be true, love thine self, treat thine self

Treat Yo’ Self

Happy V-Day! Our office emails! Have a ton of! Exclamation points! Because I'm secretly! In love with you!

Interoffice Romance

Can money buy true love? Yes


& I swear I'm not insane, but I got a blank space baby & I'll write your name

Taylor Swift’s Process Of Elimination

& i will always lust you

Hungry Eyes

It's not you... it's your Netflix queue

Questionable Choices

Happy Valentines work spouse! I'll keep buying you snack if you keep lightly touching my shoulder

2 The Work Spouse

Celebrating Valentine's day by counting all the $$$ I'm not spending

Financially Responsible Singles

I secretly adore you! Why else would I like your selfie from 76W ago?

Instagram Creepin’

I wanna break up with you but not your dog

Conditional Break Up

I got 99 problems but my BAE aint one

Love Aint A Problem

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Hush, no more words.

Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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