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By Amy Hood
Behind the Scenes

Diamond in the Rough: The Making of Hoodzpah’s Latest Video

So, we have some super fabulous interns. One of them is Margo Pawell. We had this idea to make a cool video about how Hoodzpah creates brands. We wanted to show someone creating a diamond out of paper as a fun metaphor for what we do at Hoodzpah Design Co. Margo jumped in and offered to rally a Chapman University cohort to tackle the video project. She wooed Eric Otten, Deena Edwards, and Taylor Peck into joining the venture and the rest was a blissful blur. They blew us away in a cloud of glitter. Here’s the video, along with a behind the scenes account from Margo the Great herself.

About the Video:

At Hoodzpah Design Co, we carefully create timeless and unique brands that will shine on. We want to show everyone what you already know, that you’re brand is smart and sexy. Specializing in logos and identity systems, we can get your brand shining like the diamond it is. Hoodzpah is a design company proudly creating work in Newport Beach, CA. Video by: Deena Edwards, Eric Otten, Margo Pawell, and Taylor Peck Video Concept by: Amy Hood and Jennifer Hood Song: “Like I’m Sinkin'” written and performed by Hindu Pirates of Lolipop Records Sessions

Behind The Scenes of Hoodzpah’s Latest Video:

Words and GIFs by Margo Pawell

Diamond Video Behind the Scenes Camera View

This is what happens when you let hoodrats loose with a pound of glitter. Yes, a pound of glitter and a blow dryer.

Diamond Video Behind the Scenes Giph Blowing Glitter With A Hairdryer

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our amazingly creative pals: Deena Edwards, Eric Otten, and Taylor Peck.

Diamond Video Behind the Scenes of filming

And what would a video be without some killer tunes, thanks to Hindu Pirates. Also if you’re spending your weekend filming like we did, I highly recommend enlisting help from some furry assistants, though they have a tendency to fall asleep on the job.

3 black and white dogs laying on 3 chairs

Hush, no more words.

Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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