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By Amy Hood

Joe Strummer/Clash Prints Are Here!

We are excited to announce that the much anticipated Joe Strummer graphic illustration prints are available in the store now! Each print has been meticulously numbered and signed by yours truly, Amy Hood, and are ready to be placed in a good home with loving parents. This illustration took longer (by far) than any other than I have tackled to date. Probably because I decided to place the majestically wild hawk on his shoulder. So. Many. FEATHERS. But it seemed worth it. I think if Joe Strummer were a spiritwalker I think he would take the form of a hawk. Cool, calm and collected, but wild, fierce and free all at once. Talk about a guy with presence and style. He was a man among men. And his hair styles. I could write a novel on my love for his hair alone. Anyways, if you love Strummer or The Clash as much as we do, you gotta get your grimy hands on one of these babies. There’s only 50 in this edition – so get em while they’re hot! More details here. Here’s a shot of the process of Joe’s face.

Listening to: The Clash “Hateful”

Joe Strummer poster with and eagle on his shoulder

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