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By Amy Hood

Do Good Voodoo by Hoodzpah: LAKERS Special Edition Featuring Steve Blake

America heaved a collective sigh of despair (or cry of ecstasy depending on what side you’re on) when Kobe fell down in pain vs the Warriors with grabbing his foot. A sigh turned to wailing and gnashing of teeth when we found out he had a season (and possibly even career?) ending torn Achilles. While we were crying, the rest of the Lakers were planning a way to keep the playoff dreams alive. None more than Steve Blake. Of the two Steve’s this is the one we’re actually counting on to help us get past the Spurs in round one. So in honor of “White-y” (aka Steve) we cooked up another Do Good Voodoo card to wish him well at tonight’s game! Like it, share it, spread the love! Gotta get a win in before our backs are against the wall! GO LAKERS! – Amy Illustration by Amy Hood

Lakers Special Edition Voodoo Steve Blake illustration poster

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