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Work in Progress Rebrand

Work in Progress with Sophia Bush is moving to a new network home at Wondery (the premium network behind Dr DeathDirty JohnShrink Next Door). The move was a fitting time to take a look at the podcast branding. The existing look and feel of Work in Progress was reminiscent of a DIY scrapbook. Sophia brought Hoodzpah on to achieve a more refined, modern, and elevated look and feel that reflects the incredible achievements of the people she interviews on the show.


— Discovery & Strategy
— Logo & Identity System
— Type and Color
— Cover and Episode Art Templates
— Social Media Templates


Babs Burchfield, Art Direction
Rob Holysz, Producer, Rabbit Grin Productions
Caitlin Lee, Associate Producer, WIP
Chris Maher, Logo Animation

Redesigning The Visual Identity

Old Logo
old logo
New Logo
Work in Progress Logo by Hoodzpah
Horizontal Wordmark Only
WIP Podcast Wordmark Horizontal
Logomark Only
WIP Podcast Logo Only
Primary Color Palette
WIP Podcast Sophia bush Color Palette
Work in Progress Podcast Logo Color Variations

Symbolism in the new logomark:

Pieces of the whole:

Sophia Bush is a celebrity best known for acting, but she is also an activist, a podcaster, a friend, and so much more. Her guests are just as faceted.


The asterisk is used to indicate additional info. Likewise the WIP Podcast is all about diving deeper.

Work in Progress with Sophia Bush Podcast Cover Art

Layouts and Social

Cover Art

Work in Progress Podcast Cover Art Hoodzpah
WIP Podcast Social Media Templates Hoodzpah

Episode Art & Social Templates

A complex variety of templates was created for the WIP team to keep their socials looking fresh.

— Episode Art
— Instagram Feed Templates: quotes, interview clips, photos, etc.
— Instagram Story Templates: show notes, book recs, and more.


Fonts in use:

GT Alpina Fine Regular
Times New Roman Italic
Nothing You Could Do

Work in Progress Typography Pairings
Andrew Yang WIP podcast
diane von furstenberg WIP podcast
Work in Progress Episode Art Templates
WIP Episide Art by Hoodzpah 2
Tear in Coming Soon graphics helps differentiate where old branding stop and new starts.

Instagram Story Templates

Work in Progress Story Graphics Insta 2

Thank You Notes

The art of the handwritten note is not a lost art to Sophia Bush. She wanted to send thank you notes to all her guests after the recording, so custom Work in Progress Podcast branded notecards were a must.

Work In Progress greeting cards orange

You can listen to Work in Progress Podcast with Sophia Bush wherever you get your podcasts.

Instagram: @workinprogress

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