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Wolf Camp Studios Logo and Identity System

At the heart of the Orange County creative community is Costa Mesa, and at the heart of Costa-mazing is Wolf Camp Studios, a photo studio run by Ryan Haack and Aaron Shintaku. Ryan and Aaron are the same twosome behind Foxes and Wolves, a commercial photography company focused on lifestyle, apparel, and food photography. The Wolf Camp guys recently hit the Hoods up to refresh the studio brand. Ryan Haack’s wife, Jesi Haack, designed the interior space of the studio to be minimal with bright pops of color in the form of hand painted chalk walls, posters, hung surfboards, and Mexican blankets. The result is an inviting studio space that is a cross between LA cool and OC surf and skate culture. They wanted the logo to better reflect that vibe and the things that inspired them to get into photography in the first place: punk rock, tattoos, surfing, skating. Here are the final Wolf Camp Studios logos and collateral pieces.

Design Lead

Amy Hood



— Logo
— Simple Brand Book
— Business Cards
— Rate Sheet
— Vinyl Window Design

Wolf Camp Logo System in black and whiteWolf Camp logos in color

Check out Wolf Camp Studios for full and half day rates. They have a full white cove, kombucha and beer on tap, makeup stations, comfy couches, and Ryan might even make you a pour over coffee if you’re lucky. See more at www.wolfcampstudios.com.

Wolf Camp on a banner being held by an eagle

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Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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