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Voda Films Rebrand

Don’t believe what they say: Working with friends and family isn’t a hands down “no no”. Working with good friends who trust your creativity can be an incredibly fun experience. Thus it was with the Voda Films rebrand we just completed. Roll-out included logo marks, collateral like a proposal deck, business cards, a new website, and tees and hats.

Voda Films is our southern neighbor here in Orange County. They’re a film production company that creates story-driven videos for companies, people, brands and events. We worked with them for our own company video (check it on our website home page), and we loved how agile they were – plenty of planning, yet plenty of creation on the fly to capture the candid moments, to highlight the life of what they’re filming. It never feels staged or forced. They’ve worked with brands like Subaru, Roots, AirBnB, Nike, and REI; and their projects have taken them from the peaks of snow-capped mountains, to the jungles of Vietnam and beyond. We were honored they wanted to work with us to elevate their company’s identity.

Art Direction
and Design

Jennifer Hood
Amy Hood


— Logo System
— Simple CMS Website
— Brand Voice
— Brand Guidelines
— Business Cards
— Proposal Deck
— Tees
— Layout Applications

Social Media Aesthetic Tone:

We helped Voda Films land on a social media aesthetic and tone to help make posting to Instagram and Facebook a breeze instead of a pain in the butt. We created a few key layouts and set guidelines for sharing work and creating an engaging online presence that showcased their work.

Brand Voice & Messaging:

We did an audit of Voda Films’ bios, abouts, and other copy across their collateral, website, and social presence and defined cohesive language and copy for all. We also helped them home in on a succinct set of Service offerings so they could attract the right projects and clients.

WordPress Site

Lastly, we chose a wordpress website theme with Voda and applied the brand guidelines to the type, color, and photos to make it custom to them. To see the site in action and watch Voda’s amazing sizzle reel, visit www.vodafilms.com.

Voda films website

Voda Films Business Cards

Watch the Redesign Process

If you want to see the process behind developing the logo and identity for Voda Films, watch our three-part Adobe Live session! We go from Discovery phase, to design, to the creation of brand guidelines and collateral pieces.

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