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Umbrella 3 Logo

Umbrella3 Brand Identity System


Umbrella3 is an alliance of producers investing in women storytellers at a really important time in the entertainment industry. The Nashville, TN based studio was founded by Ella Newman (who’s worked with entertainment pillars such as the Sundance Institute, Film Independent, and the American Film Institute) with the intent to offer resources and support, and to foster a culture of inclusion and innovation on both sides of the camera. We are so excited to share the Umbrella3 brand identity system we created, and more importantly, to see the magic Umbrella3 helps create.

Creative Direction
and Design

Amy Hood


— Logo & Secondary Marks
— Brand Guidelines
— Investor Deck Layout
— Stationery Collateral

The Collateral

Business Cards:

Because Ella was starting Umbrella3 from the group up and in the process of courting investors, her team, and Umbrella3 members, we knew we were going to be slinging a ton of business cards. We ditched subtle for bright and eye catching and made the business card fronts our Umbrella3 bright orange, and gave equal billing for the logo and tagline to show folks it’s not about Umbrella3 as a business, it’s about the women who comprise it and building them up. Besides key info, we wanted to shoutout the amazing city Umbrella3 calls home, Nashville, TN. Everyone knows Nashville is the new Austin with crazy amounts of growth. Umbrella3 wants to be there to make sure that growth includes women and women owned businesses.

Investor Pitch Deck

We also helped design a pitch deck for Ella to use when presenting to investors. We created the deck in Google Slides so she and her team could easily make updates and edits as needed, on the fly, per investor.


Website Graphics

Ella created her own website in Squarespace, but wanted a few little graphics to help jazz it up.

Women Holding an Umbrella illustration

More of a good thing

Creepy gif from The Simpsons of homer patting couch, telling you to come and sit

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