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Stora Influencerpriset stationery laid out neatly

Stora Influencerpriset

The Hoods recently traveled to Malmo, Sweden for a conference speaking gig. At this conference they met the one-woman-social-media-hurricane, Linda Hörnfeldt. Linda is a blogger, speaker, and the CEO/founder of Influencers of Sweden, a trade organization that helps social media Influencers know their rights and get fair treatment and pay for what they do. When the Hoods and Linda met (a distressing meeting over a broken frozen yogurt machine in the conference food hall) Linda was in the planning stages of her first ever awards show, Stora Influencerpriset. It’s basically the Oscars for Swedish Influencers and Bloggers. Linda asked Hoodzpah to create the event identity system for the awards show. It had to be fun, trendy, elegant and classy, and opulent AF. The branding had to match the glitzy dresses and tuxedos at this Awards show.


All The Extras: Aside from a logo system, all of the etcetera pieces for the show — the invitations and awards and so on — really needed to set the tone of glitz and glam. We designed stickers for every nominee to display on their blog as a badge of honor and a nod of recognition for all their hard work (think the Grey Likes Weddings site badges). The winners would also get a separate set to display. Custom patterns lined envelopes and graced social media pages. We created unique plaque/award designs, and special stickers for the awards envelopes.


The event was a hit, all because of Linda and her team. To read more about Stora Influenserpriset visit: http://www.storainfluencerpriset.se/ 


Jennifer Hood
Amy Hood



— Logo
— Identity System
— Award and Environmental Design

Stora Influencerpriset logo and badges by Hoodzpah

Stora Influencerpriset brand book

Stora Influencerpriset logo and wordmark by Hoodzpah

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