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Showtime Era Lakers Poster

Showtime Era Lakers Poster


The Los Angeles Lakers
*Cue “Baba O’Riley”*


— Illustration
— Layout


Hoop Dreams coming true! The Lakers are celebrating 60 Years in LA with a commemorative poster series celebrating each of the 6 decades. The phenomenal Lakers design team (seriously, have you seen their stat and starting graphics and animations?) tapped a crew of amazing LA designers to participate and Hoodzpah got to cover the SHOWTIME ERA! Yes… Magic, Kareem, 5 Titles, The fabulous Forum, all the Hollywood Glitz and Glam! These 3 vignettes highlight the flash and showmanship that gave the Showtime era it’s name. 2nd vignette is a love letter to the gritty city streets of LA, palm trees swaying and power lines buzzing. 3rd vignette honors the the fabulous Forum, the backdrop to so many historic Lakers moments. We created custom ‘80s typography for the poster logo.

Lakers 60years logo

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