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Restore Blank

Restore Blank is a monthly nail polish subscription service for a cause. Each month they select a cause (mainly focused on women’s issues) and deliver you a nail polish to paint your nails in solidarity of the cause. It’s a way of showing support and growing awareness around important issues. The idea came to Restore Blank founder, Natacha Cabrera, in difficult circumstances. Her friend Alyssa had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor near her heart and a neuromuscular disease causing her to lose the ability to move. Alyssa had the bad habit of biting her nails, but the disease left her too weak to do so causing her nails to grow long and strong. As strange as it may sound, her growing nails gave her hope. The night before Alyssa’s open heart surgery, Natacha and a group of friends sat with her and painted their nails together as a show of solidarity and strength.


“During her eight hour surgery, I thought it would be a fun idea to post a photo of my freshly painted nails on her Facebook wall to let her know I was standing with her, and invited others to do the same. Within the next few hours, almost 100 people joined in. This pushed me to think, What if I can do this on a bigger scale?”

– Natacha Cabrera


Natacha thought, why not make this a monthly thing? Restore Blank was born.


— Logo
— Identity System
— Packaging

Identity System and Packaging


Hoodzpah created a logo and identity system for Restore Blank along with a packaging solution to engage customers. Since the product is not sold in retail stores we wanted to get really fun with the packaging. The idea was to make it where the customer couldn’t help but Instagram it. Being a small start-up, Restore Blank wanted their customers to help them do the marketing, causing awareness of the the product (and it’s associated cause) to spread organically. Each month Natacha teams up with an artist who creates a custom postcard around the featured cause to include in every subscription box. Visit their instagram to see the positive reaction so far and to read about this month’s cause, @restoreblank.

Restore blank polish on hands with postcard

Restore Blank Nail Polishes

Restore Blank at Prism Boutique Pop Up

Restore Blank founder Natacha Cabrera

Restore Blank nail polish bottles in a circle

To read more about Restore Blank and to subscribe for your very own box (or gift one to a friend for Christmas, for a birthday, or for no reason at all because you are just that good of a friend), visit www.restoreblank.com. You can also keep up with Pop-Ups and other fun events.

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